La médiathèque du Grand Massif, vidéos du domaine skiable de Haute-Savoie
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Activities in the fun areas

All winter, organisers welcome you to the fun areas at Grand Massif!

On site: Activities, gifts and fun!

Skizzz, the snow alien

SKIZZZ the alien and Swag, the trendy teen explain with humour and lightness how to behave safely on chairlifts.


Skizzz and swag, tell us in a animation movie, the do's and don't on how to take a chairlift and how to behave during the transport.


See all of Skizzz's video :

spot tv

The Grand Massif ski area and its resorts advertise themselves on your TV screen !

This 20 seconds long spot highlights the proximity of our skiing area and the pleasure of skiing it provides. And its accompanied by the song "Why" of French DJ Breakbot !

Let have fun at la Combe de Gers

On the Grand Massif area, in Flaine, La Combe de Gers is one of best game area, where the wild environment takes over land development.

A white paradise

Grand Massif’s best spots with sun, a white paradise.

Great skiing on the Grand Massif

Le Grand Massif is a unique site for a grandiose landscape: The Mont Blanc

Discovering Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval

At Sixt-Fer-à Cheval, guides from the conservatory of natural areas in Haute-Savoie help you discover the wild life in the area, its coping strategies and the behaviours that can preserve it.

All this with viewing glasses, comments and total liberty.

Marvel on a sledge

Sledging track of Marvel in Morillon, Grand Massif.


Marvel is is dedicated to you for an exceptional 5km descent.

Discovering Flaine

An Asters guide help you discover the winter wildlife, its coping strategies and the behaviours that can preserve it.

All this with viewing glasses, comments and total liberty.

Grand Massif Backstage

Each week, discover the Grand Massif's backstage, with ski lift drivers and trackers.
Visit the departure station of the Grand Massif Express (GME) in Samoëns, open slopes with the ski patrol and take breakfast with them to learn more about their craft.

More information:

The Cascades slope

14KM non stop slope.

From the top of the area of Flaine to the village of Sixt Fer à Cheval, magical landscapes unfold before you.


The video as if you were there.

Ze Zhinzho'ne

In Sixt, a malicious dragon invited itself on the slopes.
Once the beautiful Cascades slope done, come and play around him!

Whoops sur la piste CoinCoin

La piste Coin-Coin du secteur débutant des Carroz s'est vue agrémenter de whoops (petites bosses) et de décorations à l'effigie de nos amis les Tootizz.
Accès TC Kédeuze, TK Crêtes.
Rendez-vous y très vite !

Ze SeptiSnake

At the heart of the beginner area, come learn how to make turns, punctuated by ski modules: doors, hoops...