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Pierre BIANCO is an artisan stone mason at the Bianco-Maçonnerie family firm, specialising in stonework renovation. He is a stone cutter and also a member of the Samoëns society of stone masons.

It was by using local expertise, experience and discussions, by gleaning ideas from books and in particular drawing on childhood memories, that Pierre BIANCO created sculptures such as "Eppur si muove", "Le Panorama de nos Montagnes", "Une pierre de lumière", " Le monde est stone", "Soliflore" which can be seen in different places around the Grand Massif.

The rock that spins

Eppur si muove, "And yet it moves".

Begun in 1991, this sculpture is a rock transformed into the globe spinning on a film of water.

This sphere weighing 200 Kg and 53 cm in diameter is simply sitting in a natural stone saucer from which a thread of water springs, lifting it and making it spin.

The secret is all in the fit, the shallowness of the water and several carefully created flaws which cause and control the rotation.



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