Maison Pineau - Magland



In 1960, Gustave Pineau, a Magland butcher, set up the Maison Pineau. It was taken over by his daughter and son-in-law in 1996.


From its small origins, the firm has grown into a well-known sales business, reputed for its expertise and traditional methods of smoking in tall chimney stacks.


The Maison Pineau has remained true to tradition and has managed to link past and present, thereby ensuring the coni=tinued production of its goods.

Smoked Saucisson

The Maison Pineau is best known for its Magland smoked saucisson. This pure pork saucisson is made from ham, shoulder and pork fat and is smoked in special called "beurnes".

Another speciality is the "pormonaise" : an uncooked sausage containing cabbage and pork meat.



M. & Mrs REVUZ Denis - Maison Pineau


Where to find them

- Address :

30, route de Flaine, 74300 MAGLAND

- Where to buy products : 

At the shop or in the supermarkets nearby.