La Bergerie du Lochet - Sixt Fer-à-Cheval



A farmer's daughter, Karine was a school teacher for 12 years. In 2010, she made a radical change of direction to set up her sheep farm.

She now looks after 80 dairy ewes and has joined her husband's business and his 660 sukling sheep. 

Flagship product


Ewe's milk tomme :


At the Bergerie du Lochet, ewe's milk is used to produce tomme, Tenneverge cheese, Buet cheese and yoghurts.

One dairy ewe produces roughly 1L of milk per day and around 6L of milk are required to make 1 Kg of ewes milk cheese.


Lamb meat :


Lambs have spent the summer in the alpine pasture of Sixt.




Karine RICHARD - La Bergerie du Lochet

Where to find them

- Address :

At the farm, Lieu dit Le Lochet


- Where to buy the products :

 At the farm, in the hamlet of Le Lochet, every evening (except Sundays) from 6pm onwards.

At Samoëns market, every Wednesday

At the Consumer Association Cooperatives : "La Brouette et Le Panier" and the Mieussy Associations for the Preservation of Smallholdings (AMAPs).

In the Morillon minimart and in the Samoëns and Sixt Sherpa Supermarkets.

In "KagoCagettes" (local produce baskets), with seasonal vegetables, the Bergerie's produce and that of another local producer.