L'Atelier Saint Martin - Morillon

L'Atelier Saint Martin - Morillon



Frédéric Andrès began his apprenticeship at the age of 14 and set up his Morillon work shop in 2010.  In the 80’s he travelled all over France, learning his craft with masters belonging to the workers’ guild of “les Compagnons du Devoir”.  2017 marks 50 years of entrepreneurial spirit since April 1967 when his father, Jacques Andrès, first set up his carpentry business.


Master blacksmith/wrought ironwork

An ancient trade which adapts well to modern styles and individual creative imaginations.  As the craftsman himself explains from his typically French smithy in Morillon, “I start out by sketching a life-sized design; then I lovingly create the piece attentive to all its detail”.



Wrougth ironwork, mettalurgy


L’atelier Saint Martin realize all your projects from mettalurgy locksmithing to the wrought according the tradition, for renovation articles or innovative product.



Where to find them

- Adress :

Atelier Saint Martin – Frédéric Andrès

Vers le Pont – 74440 MORILLON