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Having worked in 49 different trades, Julien Maniglier decided in 2014 that cutler would be his 50th and last. A 7th generation Haut Savoyard with deep rooted family cutlery background. 

It took him a year to create something which he judged "passable". Following intense discussions on the web sith pros and frustrating failures, he gradually fine-tuned his own style.

In his view, creating something by hand isn't just a matter of transforming material, but of injecting his own personality...Puching worriez aside, letting go in a way. 


Julien Maniglier forges knives, wood chisels, etc. Each of his creations are unique, each blow of the hammer onto the hot steel is a part of the knive being born. His knives are tools, the "sort of item you would always carry with you" ; a piece of him that people take with them on their adventures.
And as he often says : "It isn't me that creates, it is the world around me that tells me what to make..." In other words, his mark represents the mountains and water, not his initials. 


Julien MANIGLIER - Couteaux de la Berchère


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Where to find them

- Address : 

Chemin de la Berchère, 74300 Saint Sigismond

- Opening hours :

All year round by appointment

- Where to buy the products : 

Direct from the forge or via facebook