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Following a change of profession, Laëtitia decided to enter the agricultural world by setting up a goat farm. So in 2012, she passed her BPREA ( aprofessionel certificate in farm management), completing her training by placements in several goat farms and other specific training courses (in cheese making and animal husbandry).

Construction of the building was completed in 2016 and a herd of 45 young female Alpine Chamoisée goats then settled into the barn.

Laëtitia's goal is to share her work and evolve her business in a sector with sound and diverse values (breeding, cheese making, sales and visits).

Fresh and dry cheeses

The goat's milk is used to make cream cheeses (lactic), semi-dry or dry cheeses ("crottins"), tomme and raclettes (pressed).

The goat farm also makes natural and flavoured yoghurts as well as soaps.


Chèvrerie de la Pierre à Laya - Laëtitia PASSOT


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Where to find them

- Address : 

Laëtitia PASSOT - Chèvrerie de la Pierre à Laya, 550 route des champs, 74300 ARACHES LA FRASSE

- Where to buy the products :

From the farm shop from mid-OCtober 2016 onwards.