Chercheur de Miel - Cluses



The Chercheur de Miel business was established in 2011 in Cluses. Ever since, their aim has been to increase general awareness of a range of unusual, fine and unique honeys.

They also work on perfecting recipes for honey-based products. The reputation of the business has  been built on such specialities and will continue to do so.

Since 2012 and in parallel to all of this, they have been developping honey production with their own beehives located on the mountainsides of Les Carroz, Flaine, Chamonix, Chatillon, etc.

Honey Preserves

The leading products are most definitely their honey specialities, called "honey preserve".
These are a subtle mixture of honey with hazelnuts which have simply been crushed, grilled and roasted, or with crushed almonds and lemon, or even crushed organic Agen prunes.

No added sugars, only honey and fruit. 


Alex PIERRE - Chercheur de Miel


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Where to find them

- Address :

83 Impasse des Coquelicots, Avenue du Mont Blanc - 74950 SCIONZIER

- Where to buy products :

-In the shop

- in various shops : L'As des Carroz in Les Carroz, L'Alpage in Flaine Forum, Douce France in Flaine Forêt, Café de Balme in Magland.