Who are we?

who are we...

France's fourth biggest linked ski area.


It boasts 140 pistes, 72 ski lifts for all of the pistes, one Jam Park, play areas and exceptional snow cover throughout the season!

Maximum skiing all sesaon...


A total of 239 snow-making machines complete the natural snow cover on the lower and most exposed parts of the ski area. Each night, making the most of the cold, the snow machines are in action spraying these areas before the piste grooming machines prepare and smooth this new layer of fresh snow.

Did you know that creating artificial snow is a precise art? The recipe for obtaining snow which is both cold and of good cohesion involves taking large quantity of water, compressing it by lowering the pressure, blowing cold air into it and mixing. This results in ideal snow, just a little heavier than natural snow. For an ideal quality the outside temperature needs to be minus 3 centigrade with 75% air humidity.

To find out more about artificial snow: www.lamontagneenmouvement.com

The Grand Massif's weather man


Depth of snow, temperature, hygrometry, wind strength and direction... the meteorologist of the Grand Massif forecasts all the climatic conditions in the ski area. An automatic meteorological monitor at the top of the Grands Platières completes the information gathered on the terrain by our qualified personnel. The snow is probed and sampled, its quality measured and the avalanche risk in the area is constantly assessed.
The Grand Massif meteorologist works with Météo France to forecast the development of conditions at several sites.

Your safety is assured by 65 ski patrollers


Five of the 65 professional ski patrollers who are permanently on duty in the ski area are women.
Ski patrollers rescue injured people and make the ski area safe. They blast avalanches after heavy snow falls and mark the pistes. They also take part in piste re-profiling off-season.



Five qualified avalanche dog handlers 


Their job is to find skiers buried in avalanches.
The Grand Massif dog handlers train for two years for a national diploma from the ANENA (the national association for the study of snow and avalanches).
This qualification has to be renewed regularly during monthly operational checks. The dog handlers' efficiency is ensured by daily training and an affectionate relationship with their dogs.

31 piste grooming machines.


Once night falls, the dance of the grooming machines takes place discreetly throughout the ski area. On the steepest slopes the grooming machines are held by a 1000m cable which can hold up to four tonnes!
In accordance with Article 4 of municipal bye-law n°2005-51 of 13/12/2005, all snow sports are forbidden on marked pistes closed by the ski patrols, until they are reopened the following morning.

270 lift drivers


Their job is to welcome skiers and make sure they have a comfortable ride.
They clear snow from the lift area to allow a rapid flow through the automatic turnstiles. This helps reduce queues during busy periods.

Live information


The whole ski area is equipped with precise signs which make it easy to see where you are, and to move between the Grand Massif resorts. The Skiplan boards and the automatic meteorological real-time monitoring system keep skiers continuously informed via TV screens (at the cash desks) about weather conditions, lift openings and closures. For information and pleasure, there are 14 panoramic orientation points to help you identify the summits around you. . Canal Radio: Flaine, is equipped with Canal radio E: 161.300Mhz . Informations : + 33 (0)4 50 90 40 00

throughout the year, 70 people are preparing for the winter


All year round, 70 people work to prepare for the winter.
Our Development and Logistics department oversees the group's investment and development projects in the ski area. Our Marketing and Quality department enhances client service with improved communications and by meeting skiers' expectations with an ever-growing number of new attractive products.

The Grand Massif keeps you informed


At the cash desks, our sales teams advise on the ski pass which best suits your type of skiing and all you need to know about the ski area.
At the lift departure points, 15 reception staff help you through the automatic turnstiles and explain the inter-resort liaisons. Always ready to help, they advise on the day's best ski areas and suggest itineraries.

A controlled ski area


Operation, Pistes and Preparation, IT and Telephony, Safety...
To each one, a department. Their mission is to ensure the lifts are working correctly, to organise movement throughout the ski area, to optimise rescue services, manage the network and ensure the maintenance of the automatic turnstiles, the automatic weather monitoring system, the webcam and the private cable network.