The Veret mountain reservoir
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The Veret mountain reservoir

Thursday 20 July 2017
The Veret mountain reservoir - why is it being created?


The site was chosen for its central position within the ski area and for its elevation of 2000m thereby enabling the snow cannons to be gravity-fed.

In order to preserve the site as much as possible from an environmental point of view, various measures were undertaken, for example:

­   re-siting of the existing wetland

­   rock-crushing in situ for reuse on the site

­   relocation of a protected lizard species


A few figures:


At present the water flow rate is 130 m3 per hour which is quite low.  This new facility will enable the flow rate to increase to 900 m3/h, enough to feed 80% of the snow cannons.  It will have a water storage capacity of 110,000 m3 which is roughly the equivalent of thirty Olympic-sized swimming pools.


The works are due for completion by September 2017


And a few facts:


The reservoir will be fitted with an air bubbling system to prevent surface ice formation.  It will also ensure that the resort of Flaine has an adequate drinking water supply.


In the summer of 2018, you will be free to wander around this new area.

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