Green Globe Certification

Green Globe Certification

The Grand Massif, Green Globe certified

In autumn 2016, the Grand massif became the first ski area in the world to be awarded the Green Globe certification covering all of its ski lifts, pistes and associated services.

Along with 450 other global companies in the tourist industry, GMDS (Grand Massif Domaine Skiables) chose the Green Globe certification, in keeping with its principles, which emphasises the idea of sustainable development.

Examples of the commitment

- The management of an Environmental Observatory, the only one of its kind in France, which was set up in 2008 and covering an area of 1400 hectares spread across 5 municipalities. The aim is to comprehensively map biodiversity in all its forms (landscape, fauna, flora, specific biotopes), to factually monitor its evolution and to find solutions for preserving or rehabilitating the land as well as conservation of sensitive areas identified by the environmental observatory.


- The creation in 2014 of Origine Grand Massif (Made in Grand Massif), a unique brand aimed at supporting the local economy through promoting its various areas of expertise. By encouraging visitors to the ski area to consume locally, this brand achieves the enterprising challenge of linking solidarity, passion, pleasure, respect of the environment, tradition and promotion of local skills. Cheesemakers, artists, farmers, beekeepers and many more besides are perfect examples of the Grand Massif's regional identity.


­- Sustainable development is one of the GMDS's managerial concerns. Environmental policy is geared towards reducing environmental impact and pollution prevention both in daily activities and in all of the ski area's facilities. The Grand Massif strives to minimise its effect on the landscape through numerous actions, in particular replanting to enable works carried out during the summer to be integrated into the surrounding environment (using local seeds and 290 tonnes of standardised compost) or alteration of some work sites. A test sample seeding was carried out this summer on the Parements piste in Samoëns, in order to optimise species used in the seed mixes depending on environment (orientation and altitude). Finally, this is backed up by the distribution of several thousand pocket ashtrays to the Grand Massif's visitors.


- For several years now, unique activities designed to educate visitors about the environment have been installed in the Grand Massif ski area, winter foraying for example. On the renowned Fer à Cheval cirque nature trail or on Flaine's ski area, a conservationist from ASTERS, the Haute Savoie Natural Area Conservatory, is on hand to point out to skiers for free, the wildlife present in winter, how they cope and the behaviour to adopt for their conservation.



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Green Globe is an international certification programme which rewards the efforts of tourism businesses in their social, economic, cultural and environmental initiatives. It is the only certified benchmark for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility that exists in the tourist industry and which covers all players in this field.


The Green Globe certification is based on the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism Criteria and Agenda 21 and principles for Sustainable Development endorsed by 182 Governments at the United Nations Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992. The programme is built on a series of 40 topics, set out in over 300 obligatory and optional criteria. Covering areas ranging from sustainable management, to using local supply chains and protection of the environment, the Green Globe certification requires a firm commitment from businesses over the long term. They have to demonstrate significant improvements during the course of on-site audits carried out every two years in order to maintain their certification.