The QSE initiative is one of the main managerial concerns of our companies.
The environmental policy focuses on reducing environmental impact and preventing pollution in our daily activities as well as in all of our facilities.

To this end, the Flaine Environmental Observatory started up in 2007, is compiling an inventory of fauna and flora and landscapes. From 2014, 2 new issues will be addressed: hydrology  and agriculture/forestry.
Following up on this positive experience, the Giffre Ski Area is setting up its own environmental observatory.



Our work towards minimizing our mark on the landscape is borne out by a number of measures, including:


- Replanting which enables works carried out in the summer to be reintegrated into the landscape.  Aside from restoring the landscape, it also reduces erosion and helps to maintain the snow cover in winter…  Once again this year, 28.75 hectares were treated.
For 2013 alone, this equates to : 1500 tonnes of compost, 3 tonnes of mineral fertilizer and 2.37 tonnes of seed mix specifically adapted to suit mountainous terrain.


- Dismantling the power line at the top of the Grande Platières.


- The removal of 51 pylons, 6 stations and 7 km of cabling following lift replacement.


- A campaign to paint white pylons grey so as to be less visible both in summer and winter.


- Destruction of the concrete footings of old lift systems.



Help us to respect the environment:


Use the waste bins provided at the top and bottom of every ski lift  and leave nothing behind any packaging or other rubbish on the mountain.



Certain wild species hibernate in the ski area (ptarmigan, black grouse and mountain hare…).
At this time of year, wildlife is vulnerable and needs peace and quiet, please maintain a wide berth and do not stray into the marked protection zones.



The mountain environment is fragile, so please respect it!


Flaine... Pilot resort


Car-free resort, transport by ski buses, lifts between Flaine Forum and Flaine Forêt...
A pioneer in renewable energy. Flaine continues to initiate new measures.

Certified water quality


Our water treatment station created in 2007 results in certified "bathing water" quality for used water, a maximum standard of excellence, unique in a mountain environment.
The resort is heated with natural gas in a co-generation system which assures that electricity is produced during heating. How does this work? The production of hot water leads to a release of vapour used to work a generator which in turn produces electricity. This is doubly advantageous because there is no discharge into the atmosphere and there is positive energy use.
Individual rubbish sorting from door to door, for example, cooking oil from restaurants.

Reusable passes


Sale of reusable hands-free passes.
Our documents printed on a "green" printer
Waste separation
Use of recycled paper for marketing documents - summer season

Organic materials and small gestures... Sustainable



  • Purchase of biodegradable degreasing baths for mechanical parts
  • Biodegradable oil for the piste grooming machines
  • Dedicated oil storage depot
  • Management of pollutants - storage containers for such products
  • Study the impact of work together with the AGRESTIS organisation before, during and afterwards
  • Pollution prevention: special double-walled fuel containers or retaining containers for waste water from the limestone pavement area
  • Progressive introduction of rubbish separation on the pistes
  • Biological staff toilets for the resorts of Flaine and Giffre - La Char, Tête des Saix and start of La Lanche button lifts
  • Wood heating for some huts and first aid posts

Protecting the natural environment



  • Consideration of the flora and fauna in collaboration with the organisation of nature reserve management (ONCF and ASTERS), GRIFEM (grouse protection) and the ONF
  • Specific action (AVIFAUNE): marking of cables, signalling of avalanche blasting
  • Forest and agro-pastoral management: renovation of alpine pastures, repair of alpine chalets
  • Creation of protection zones: Natura 2000, nature reserve, perimeter protection for Gérats
  • Restorative measures during work: re-grassing pistes where work has been done during the summer, de-rooting, softening contours, landscaping
  • Staff training in energy management awareness

Making the most of our natural environment

Creation of two summer discovery paths

  • Grandes Platières path - limestone pavement geology
  • Alpine pasture path - flora and fauna

 Educational information

  • Presence of winter fauna
  • Management of disruption impact
  • Behaviour awareness

Wildlife protection.


State of the art Bird Flight Diverters will be fitted to the new Diamant Noir chairlift this winter.  The aim is to alert birds, in particular ptarmigan, to the presence of cables.  Other chairlifts have been thus equipped on sections identified as a collision danger to birds, often where close to nesting sites.

Minimize the mark on the landscape


Our work towards minimizing our mark on the landscape is borne out by a number of measures.

Here the destruction of the concrete footings of a Flaine gondola.